Monday, September 04, 2006

Open Blog

Because i've no time to update this blog, and i think it is a shame to stop a blog about a so so good and amazing player, i'd like to find some contributor to help me to update this blog (1, 2, 10, 1000 or 1000 contributor). Everyone could make a post and send it on this blog, and everyone could send comments about it. A kind of chat but more classious and interesting as a chat (picture, comments, well writing, well administrating, with a chatterbox on the side.). So poeple who love and support Richie McCaw, just send me a email on my second mail box: and I would enjoy to add you as a contributor of this website.
It is open to you.

Hope to hear some poeple soon.

The administrator


MaryL said...

My name is Mary, and I am French (like you, Armand!!)
I have been a rugby fan since the 2003 WC : what a great gift that going to Aussie Land for your 18th birthday, he!!!
Thanks a lot Dad and Mum!!!

At that time, I had my rebellious period, I was supporting England!...but they won!!!
During the Tri Nations 2004, I started following the ABs but they charmed me only on my 19th B-day (when they kicked "les Bleus"'s ass!!)
Since then, I dumped England and follow the ABs

Richie is a really great player! I'm very happy someone started a blog about him...'cause news about him are really scarce (especially when you live overseas!!!)

Have fun in your blog (I will stay tune)
I had to register to post here, so that's an evidence of my "loving" towards those aliens from Kiwi Land!!!


ps : that's my real blog

Anonymous said...

fabulous armand that you carry on with richie, i was desperate seeing your blog about richie diying!!!if u want you can again put my pic with him, and mc alistaire...did you meet him again in chch?

bisous mon grand

la grande sophia

Anonymous said...



MaryL said...

News Midol'
Richie jouera avec Canterbury pour les quarts de finale du NPC (vers le 7 octobre)
Est-ce que vous avez plus d'infos sur l'île du Sud du grand nuage blanc ???

Anonymous said...

je suis parisienne, donc pas vraiment expatriée en NZ malheureusement (qui sait un jour on croise très fort les doigts).
Mais je tiens néanmoins à te dire que ton blog est vraiment sympa. Effectivement des blogs sur Richie McCaw, meilleur 3e ligne du monde (si si je pèse mes mots), ça ne court pas les rues. Heureusement que le tien existe !
En tout cas, bonne continuation, et espèrons te lire prochainement !