Monday, April 02, 2007

Super 14. Day 9. Results.


Highlanders v Cheetahs 21-17
W.Force v Sharks 22-12
Hurricanes v Bulls 17-9
Chiefs v Blues 11-18
Waratahs v Crusaders 33-34
Lions v Brumbies 9-14
Reds/Stormers Bye


As I am really being lazy on match comments, I've just stolen the link of a (French) blog where a real specialist gives his view of the matches he could watch.

You can find other points of view on the Internet.

For those who are lucky enough to watch the matches live (or even attend some matches), once again, can't wait for your comments...
Poor Waratahs...

Puisque les resumes de matches et moi, ca fait deux, je vous conseille d'aller faire un tour sur le lien en dessous de l'article ; les resumes de matches sont en Francais -par un Francais.

Pour les autres commentaires, il y a toujours la toile.

Et pour ceux qui veulent apporter leurs propres commentaires sur les matches qu'ils ont vus ou auxquels ils ont assiste, lachez-vous!

Pauvres Waratahs...


Blues ; Crusaders ; W.Force ; Sharks
Brumbies ; Bulls ; Lions ; Highlanders ;
Cheetahs ; Hurricanes ; Chiefs ; Stormers ;
Waratahs ; Reds.

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House Dad said...

Hey, Thanks for the comment on Jarvee's blog. Sadly Jarvis wasn't with me, but at home with his Mum. I took the picture on Brad's cellphone, hence not being able to post it on my blog.

The game was really good and I reckon the Tah's did REALLY well to close it down to only one point. If they could've just finished cleaner, then we'd be looking at a different score line I'm sure.