Sunday, May 06, 2007

Help wanted : Happy Birthday Baby Richie : May 21st!

OK, let's start by the vocabulary question : Baby Richie is how I nickname this blog!

So Armand founded the blog on May 21st last year, that is to say that Baby Richie will turn 1 in a couple of weeks.
I would like you to do the Anniversary article. It's quite easy : either you can draw or write something about the blog, the people you met here or even about Richie! Then, you send it to me (NB : if it's a draw and that you are on Bebo, do it on my profile, that would be easier for me to post it after. E-mail me to get my profile)
I'd like to have them AROUND THE SUPER 14's FINAL (that is to say the weekend before the B-Day day)

I am sure it would be nice to have a "participating democracy" for Baby Richie's anniversary on this blog!
Thank you very much for your attention, enjoy your weekend,

OK, avant toute chose, commencons par les questions de vocabulaire : bebe Richie est le surnom que je donne a ce blog!

Donc, bebe Richie est ne le 21 mai 2006, fonde par Armand sur une idee de ses amis nicois...Et bebe Richie va bientot avoir un an.
C'est pourquoi j'aimerai instaure une "democratie participative" pour l'article Anniversaire. C'est assez simple : il vous suffira d'ecrire ou de dessiner quelque chose qui a un lien avec le blog, les personnes rencontrees sur le blog ou meme Richie lui meme. Ensuite, vous me l'envoyez par e-mail. (NB: si vous etes sur Bebo et que vous faites un dessin, faites le directement sur mon profil ; pour avoir l'adresse, envoyez moi un email).

J'aimerais bien les avoir POUR LA FINALE DU S14 (c'est a dire le weekend avant l'anniversiare)

Merci de m'avoir lue, passez un bon weekend,



Siska said...

congratulations mary. you and the other girls have done a great job with the blog. i've been enjoying the posts.
hopefully i can join in the chat and contribute in the future. you all really sounds like a great bunch of girls.
well now, best of luck to our Captain in South Africa.

Lyndi said...

Almost had me going into cardiac arrest with the 'baby Richie', thought he was having one. Anyway, I dont understand y the 'Saders are only giving themselves 2 days to get used to the Highveld: the last thing I need is them losing to the Bulls!! those a*******s need 2 be taken a peg down, but I don't know... in front of the Loftus faithful!!!Anyway, I'm a Shark rooting 4 the 'Saders, hoping we meet them in the Shark Tank on the 19th. I'd love a hug from the McCaw (me & half of SA's girls) but hey... by th way keep up the great work wit the pictures... all we need is one of him topless, in motion!

MaryL said...

Lyndi, thanks a lot...I really hope the final will be Richie meets Ruan!
As for the topless picture, we are really working on it, but it's hard to find!

ps: I am really sorry about the title. I do hope nobody had a real heart attack! I will let you know the day he announces his pregnancy!!!
just kidding...

ps for siska : the link to your blog doesn't work!
yes, we are many girls ; don't worry we aren't sexist : if you are a guy, we'll welcome you too! as far as you aren't jealous of our devotion to Richie...

Siska said...

hi mary, i'm a girl (well, almost an old lady :)) and i'm also a richie devotee. not much of a blogger myself. i just have written a little on my friendster.
for link to my friendster page.

sharks and 'saders final is going to be very very cool.

Anonymous said...

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