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NZ Girl : We Love Richie (March 2004)

Yes! We've secured yet another interview with one of our favourite men in black - All Black and Crusader's player Richie McCaw. nzgirl asked the tough questions about cooking, rugby and clothes...
Selected for the All Blacks before he’d even played a full Super 12 game; Richie McCaw is one of the AB’s most innovative players. His list of achievements includes man of the match in his test debut against 2003 International Rugby Player’s Association Newcomer of the Year, and NZ Player of the Year 2003.
nzgirl’s sports editor Alana caught up with him for a chat…

Apart from the whole Rugby World Cup semi final, you have had an amazing year – like winning the Kel Tremain Memorial Player of the Year, your Bledisloe Cup success and more. How do you feel about your achievement so far?

It was a great honour to win the Kel Tremain trophy, but I would have gladly passed that up if it meant winning the World Cup. 2003 is a year that will always be remembered for that semi final loss but the All Blacks achieved a lot last year, not only winning the Tri Nations and Bledisloe but the style of rugby we played was exciting to play and also watch.

It was your first Rugby World Cup experience, how did you deal with the hype? Is it as mentally challenging as it is physically?

It was something talked about so much around the All Black camp that it was hard not to hear it and feel some pressure. We trained really hard for it and during the cup were based in Melbourne, which didn’t have the hype of other places such as Sydney. For me personally, I love having the hype of big games as it seems to make me play my best rugby, and have the best memories from.”

The Super 12 is finally here…have you been looking forward to it?

I’ve definitely been looking forward to the Super 12. All the players have put last year behind them and we couldn’t wait to get back on the field. We trained hard in the pre-season and with every new campaign it’s a little different from the last with new players etc... I guess a new All Black coach gives a few players extra to play for also.

With the Crusaders team, you go overseas to play for the Super 12. How does that compare with home games and also times when you visit other provinces around the Canterbury area? Which do your prefer?

I much prefer playing at home in front of a big crowd at Jade Stadium, but each year half your games are away from home, so we have to make sure we perform there as well. As players you get used to it so it doesn’t have the same influence on results as it may have in the past.

I am a Nelson girl, and I know that you guys have been up here over the last few weeks. You had a training session and also opened the Crusaders Bar; how much fun was that?

It’s great to travel to the other parts of the Crusaders franchise, as they are the people that support us during the season. The Crusaders bar is a great idea and the guys enjoyed their night at the opening although we had a pretty hard training first thing that Sunday morning.”

If tomorrow the whole rugby thing was over, how would you like to be remembered in the game and by your fans?

As a player who gave his best every time he hit the paddock, never letting anyone down. A player who was the best in his position but remained humble as a good Cantabrian should.

Word association time…
Fav NZ music: Anything really
nzgirls: Depends which ones. Most are OK
Rugby: All Blacks
New Zealand: How lucky we are to have such a great country.
The most tragic item of clothing in my wardrobe: "A pair of blue old style cord pants."
The coolest thing I’ve ever found: "Nothing springs to mind."
You’re cooking up a storm, whats in the menu? "Either a marinated roast venison, or good old kiwi BBQ with my new five burner BBQ."

I know it's a old article but it had to be here (like most of the articles related to our favorite Captain) Note that at that time he was not even vice-captain... what a long journey in the past 3 years for the little farming boy! (just kidding! lovely pic which is -way- older than the article...)

Back to today's news : Don't forget this weekend's match vs. the Chiefs...
Oui, cet article n'est pas tout jeune mais tout comme les autres articles concernant Richie, il se devait d'etre present sur ce blog. Notez qu'a l'epoque il n'etait meme pas encore vice-capitaine... que de chemin parcouru en 3 ans pur ce fermier en herbe (je plaisante --c'est pour le jeu de mot! et pour la photo -qui est plus vieille que l'article...)

Mais retour a l'actualite : n'oubliez pas le match du weekend contre les Waikato Chiefs (de Byron Kelleher et Sivivatu)

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