Saturday, May 05, 2007

SkySport Magazine : Betting on Black (thanks a lot Chill)

Betting on Black. That’s the sporting theme of 2007, with four of our top sports teams heading into their respective world championships. SKY SPORTS Magazine, launched in January 2007, contacted me to produce their first cover photograph, depicting the four team captains betting on black at a roulette wheel.

The Players:
Richie McCaw
All Blacks head to France for the 2007 Rugby World Cup.
Stephen Flemming
Black Caps head to the West Indies for the 2007 ODI Cricket World Cup.
Adine Wilson
Black Ferns are here in New Zealand to defend their 2006 Netball world title.
Dean Barker
Team New Zealand head to Valencia, Spain to bring back the 32nd America's Cup.
The Dealer:Eric Young

Editor for Sky Sports Magazine.This was shot in five stages, as it was impossible to get all four players in the same spot at one time. We met Adine Wilson at Sky Casino, where we took over the Roulette wheels for the afternoon, then heading back to a mock up table to shoot Dean Barker, who had come in fresh from a day racing. Two days before Christmas, Stephen Flemming flew in for the shoot, while Richie McCaw was already in Auckland after attending an award ceremony the night before. With each captain having their own story to tell, the final selection created a relaxed sense of confidence and purpose, although Stephen Flemming seems to know something we don’t.The wheel is about to spin, their chips are firmly planted on black, the weight and support of a hopeful nation presses in like an unseen gallery. Could it be that the next time these events are held, they will all be defended in New Zealand by New Zealand..?No pressure guys..

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