Saturday, June 02, 2007

ABs vs. les Bleus

Dan Carter seems to be injuried. Chris Masoe saw the stars (thanks Sebastien Chabal!). Ali is friends with the cameramen (that's his night tonight!) and my dad is being crazy (referee, please, never meet my dad!)

That's it for now...
See you after the match!

So DC was injuried ; he and Richie didn't play the second half time. New Zealand has just won, but the score doesn't reflect the match : the French did a great job (especially at the end...) The young "coqs" must be proud of themselves!

Piri Weepu was the haka leader (I still don't get that! Who knows who chose the haka-leader???) The haka was the Kapa o Pango (the captain choses which haka the night before the match). Last time the ABs performed this haka (it was in South Africa), they had lost ; tonight, we can not really say that they performed their best... Sorry!

Special message to mister Dickinson and his colleagues : open your eyes! Hopefully they will have special training sessions before the World Cup coz there is a huge gap between the Northern and Southern Hemisphere referees and this gap must be filled in by September (another message to mister Dickinson : you didn't earn fans in France this morning...)

The anthems were pretty cool ; I was a bit "sad" the kiwi singer wasn't Hayley Westenra -she is the best! Hopefully she'll be there next week!

Australia vs. Wales in half an hour ; South Africa vs. England this afternoon ; can Europe keep its head over the water? I hope so...
Last night, Paris won its ticket for the final of the French championship against Biarritz ; this afternoon (after S-Af vs. England) Toulouse or Clermont (with Tony M. and Vern C.) will fight for the other ticket to Paris!

Enjoy therest of your day/night, people!
Good job for the ABs (and for Richie who didn't get a sin bin!!!)

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