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Getting the little things right-McCaw (nzru)

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Getting the little things right, and not pushing chances unnecessarily, will ensure a more effective performance from the All Blacks in the second Iveco Test against France in Wellington on Saturday captain Richie McCaw believes.

Opportunities were created last week but players had been guilty of thinking ahead to their next job before completing the immediate task, he said.

"As a whole we were a little flat. We didn't make the breaks in the right spots and everyone was guilty.

"But it wasn't too far off," he said.

During their Tuesday debrief on the first Test, McCaw said everyone was happy with where the team was at and how it played, but there was a realisation that quite a lot of work remained to be done to play to the side's potential.

"The things we didn't get quite right were: Our scrum was dominant but we didn't get good quality ball from it and our lineout went ok but we only got some quality ball from it.

"Those are the things we've got to get right and which will create opportunities," he said.

Players were guilty of 'popping' ball that didn't need to be popped.

"It's just those little things that if you get right, then the performance will come right.
"On defence we just weren't hungry enough, we didn't have our edge," he said.

McCaw didn't think the desire to do well in light of many players missing Super 14 action due to the reconditioning programme had been a factor.

"There was a totally different feel to this team compared with when we came back for the Super 14.
"You have to be realistic, we had only four days training to get everything under control.
"It wasn't that bad, and if we can step up this week, and against Canada, we'll be pretty happy," he said.

The side wanted to be playing good rugby by the time the Philips Tri Nations came around, McCaw said.

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