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May 2007 : Call Richie McCaw loyal

Rugby: Call Richie McCaw loyal
By GREG FORD - Sunday Star Times
Sunday, 6 May 2007

All Blacks captain Richie McCaw is saddened at the prospect of so many team-mates heading overseas after the world cup and wants to stay loyal to New Zealand - and he is encouraging other players to do the same.
McCaw confirmed he recently started contract negotiations with his employer, the New Zealand Rugby Union. Shortly after walking off the Jade Stadium pitch on Friday night, he told the Sunday Star-Times, "I'm happy here so don't want to leave."
McCaw was saddened so many team-mates were heading overseas and said that he felt powerless to stop the trend.
"It's disappointing to see them leave, but I can't begrudge them for making the decisions they have, because everyone has their own reasons," he said. "We just have to make every effort to make sure guys can, and want to, stay and if they don't, then make sure the guys that keep coming through are handled well."

The NZRU is believed to want to sign McCaw until at least the end of the 2011 season so he can lead the All Blacks during the rugby world cup to he held here.
It would be a huge coup and may even persuade others to stay.
Even if the defections continue, McCaw said this was unlikely to alter his decision. He has unfaltering belief that younger players will continue to emerge through the ranks.

"I think we need to keep faith that they will (come through) and we have shown over the last couple of years, with the number of players capable of playing test rugby, that it is possible," he said. "I'm sure the cupboard won't be too bare."
In signalling that he wants to stay in New Zealand, McCaw is bucking the trend which has seen players such as Aaron Mauger, Chris Jack, Byron Kelleher and Carl Hayman sign for English and French clubs.
Luke McAlister is also believed to be making preparations to move overseas, the Blues hotshot tipped to became the latest to announce his departure as the NZRU comes under pressure to retain its prized assets.
McCaw is the jewel in the crown.
As the premier forward in the game, he could virtually name his price overseas -easily twice what the NZRU could offer.
"I'm keen to stay as long as we get something we're all happy with."

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