Wednesday, June 06, 2007

News before Saturday's test (TV3)

France and NZ reveal their teams for test 2 (video)

-> at the end of the report : how can you not love the French? Our accent is just so perfect!

And the more les Bleus stay in New Zealand, the more you will enjoy the fact that we love tacking risks. Poor kids! they didn't miss a single English class, it's just that the reporters should ask useful questions we are taught (like "Where is Brian?" -answer "He is in the kitchen" ; or "Where is Jenny?" -anwer "She is in the bathroom." ) -you know all these useful questions you are taught when you learn a foreign language...

Rugby: French bristle at suggestions they weren’t trying

French fullback Thomas Castaignede has hit back at criticism the French were not playing to win the first test at Eden Park.

Yesterday All Black coach Graham Henry accused the French of slowing the game down and milking injuries to keep the score close.

But Castaignede is having none of it.

“The all blacks don't seem to be very happy at the moment. We respect them, they are a very good team but they can not dictate to other teams what they should do. We are going to show we deserve a bit more respect,” he told 3 News.

The fifty three test veteran is also upset his inexperienced team mates have been labelled France C or D by the New Zealand media.
Castaignede says the French will take their frustration out on the All Blacks on Saturday night.

--> I agree with Tom (about Graham's criticism on the long fake injuries during the match and about the press criticism on the mini-team France brought)


Rugby: Robinson battling time and injury to make World Cup

The World Cup is now less than three months away, but for one All Black that might prove too far away. Hardman Keith Robinson reckons his dodgy knee means he is on borrowed time.

The World Cup at the end of the year is the big goal, but after two years out with a serious back injury Robinson treasures every game in the black jersey.

At 1.98m Robinson is the shortest of the All Blacks three locks, but his uncompromising play makes him a towering presence on the field.

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