Friday, July 13, 2007

The Fan Survey : how will you live this 2007 World Cup?

Hello everyone!

As you all know, the 2007 Rugby World Cup will take place this Fall in France (with a couple of matches in Wales and Scotland).

I really hope that those who wanted to have tickets were lucky enough, and that those who can't attend matches will be able to watch this wonderful event pretty easily.

As for me, I am of the lucky fellows who got tickets (thank you Mum and Dad -who both will attend matches with me!)
And here are the eight matches we will attend :

* September 8th : NZ vs. Italy (in Marseille)
* September 9th : Scotland vs. Portugal (in Saint Etienne)
* September 11th : Argentina vs. Georgia (in Lyon)
* September 15th : NZ vs. Portugal (in Lyon)
* September 18th : Scotland vs. Romania (in Edimburg)
* September 23rd : Scotland vs. NZ (in Edimburg)
* September 26th : Georgia vs. Namibia (in Lens)
* September 29th : NZ vs. Romania (in Toulouse)

That will be our Tour de France (two months after the real Tour de France!)

If you happen to follow the ABs, or attend any of these matches, just tell me (that'd be great to see you there).

For those who can't come and visit France or attend the matches, just tell us how you will live the World Cup. During the WC, I'll try to publish my "World Cup Diary" (not daily but just how I felt the matches -as I do now, except that I don't call it a diary!) and I can also publish yours...

Wishing us all to be in Aotearoa in 4 years ;)

Enjoy your weekend (and your World Cup)
ps : can you please answer to the survey in the Comment below and not in the chatterbox -thank you.

Love this pic Izzy ;)
Coz their question is : "Mary will be there ; but will WE be there?"


Beth said...

Hey Mary! I'll be at the 2 games in Edinburgh. YIPPEE!!!

Oh and for anyone who doesn't know I go by Liz in the Chatterbox! LoL!

MaryL said...

we are going to stay one week in scotland (to be accurate, in Edimburg itself!) so if you have any skill as guid, just tell me!

Camelia said...

Mary je viens de prendre le splaces pour le match de toulouse, je serai en categorie toi?

Beth said...


Où vos places sont ? Mon c'est dan les categorie bleue. sud et ouest dans Murrayfield.

Mon ami et je suis dans édimbourg pour les 2 jours avant chaque jeu.

MaryL said...

je suis en violet aussi -j'ai pas les billets sous le nez.
Je vous confirmerai par mail les places exactes ;)

Beth, just email me at

siska said...

unfortunately i will be stuck here in singapore. but the one and only cable company in the country had announced that they would have an extended coverage of the world cup (although not as extended as the football one). so i will be catching the blackness on my tv. good enough. and i'll be watching this space for live updates :) i will be making advance planning to be in nz for the next world cup.

MaryL said...

siska, me too! I think there is going to be an invasion of Richie Girls in NZ for 2011 ;)

Chill said...

I unfortunately won't be near France when the world cup is on sniff sniff ... but will be supporting the ABs fervently from my lounge! I shouldn't be so sad, i was in Aus for the last world cup and saw the all blacks play in sydeny. Mary lucky u going to so many pool games and yes Siska is right, we need to plan in advance to make 2011 ... to think the world cup coulda been in SA. lets hope rich is still around in 2011 lol!

tonliss said...

I will be doing the blurry eye thing of setting the alarm and watching in the middle of the night early morning thing or i just wont go to bed at all?! Oh & ofcourse will be eargerly awaiting Marys wc diary to appear on the blog.....2011 sounds like a good plan we can do a Richie's Girls Tour Group have a mini bus and travel NZ how much fun would we have!!!!! Sounds like a plan girls count me in for sure!

siska said...

hi mary and everyone... i'll be so interested in meeting up with all the richie's girls down in new zealand in 2011. and yeah, let's hope he'll still be around in the black jersey.
it turns out i won't be too couped up in singapore. i'll be going to auckland for a bus. trip next week for a couple of weeks. i plan to go a couple of npc games: auckland v waikato in auckland and canterbury v wellington in christchurch. hopefully will be able to see some AB boys in action. it'll get me pumped for the world cup.