Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Izzy the spy doing her job, Mary the Froggy being delayed (sorry)

** So, it starts by Richie back in Kurow area with his dad, last weekend.

(I do love the pub you can see on the pic : it's where the reporter of 20/20 asked the guys about Richie being a "star" now, and all the girls "wanting" him. The pub also gets a free ad. I'm sure they got new customers thanks to that TV report! And check the colours : blue and yellow. Yes, this is Otago!!!)

**Then we have the funny pic about the new 7 World's most beautiful places
(and I totally agree with the one-eyed guy : where are our Wonders???)

**And we finish with the fans! Coz we are always there!
==> Talking about fans, I'll soon publish a survey, make sure you see it, and answer it. Thank you!

Thank you so much!

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