Wednesday, July 04, 2007

TV3. An All Black Special (November 2006)

I thought I had, but I didn't so here is the link to a meeting with the fans, that occured last November in London. Once again, sorry about that (LONG delay) !!!
I did like the questions, especially the first guy on the second group (part 3 -the guy wearing the pink jersey)...It echoes my question after the article "waking up with Richie McCaw" but no-one seemed to answer it ; why???

-> I have once again used Nuraan's pic here coz it's really one of the cutest I have seen lately (and it changes from my regular posts with Gettyimages and Photosport)
Thanks a lot to Nuraan (AGAIN!)

Part 1
The All Blacks are in London to conquer Britain and Europe for the end of season tour and we are there with them. Join Jaquie Brown and Rachel Smalley as they host a people's press conference with the AB's. It is a chance for some diehard fans to get up close and personal with our current rugby legends.
Part 2
Part 3

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