Monday, August 27, 2007

An All Black already world champion in France...

No, it's not an rugby player, it's not even a man!

Valerie Vili is the woman who gave NZ its second world gold medal in an athletics World Championship. But why France then? For the good reason that Valerie's hubby is French!

So tiny message to the machoes supporting the national rugby team :
if a woman can do it, a man must do it!!!
Cheers, boys!!!

Back to serious now :

- Congratulations Valerie!!! and thank you for not answering to the ABs question on national French TV 'coz your victory belongs to you & your family only...

- Izzy sent me an article a couple of days ago.
I will try to transcribe it as soon as possible but I can't give you a special day for now (pretty busy preparing the Wolrd Cup...)
So for now, it's just the scans for you...Forgive me!
- The World Cup starts in 10 DAYS.... but no pressure on our guys! Just on us!!!

BTW, message to the TVNZ reporter : who are you, ONE News European Correspondent Melissa Stokes ?

# Marseille 3 hours from Paris? Are you sure? Probably by train...

# Where did you search & find the people for your interviews? Those who didn't know about the World Cup are just people who didn't want to answer your questions or who haven't listened to the radio or watched TV in the past 4 weeks since there is (on most channels/radios) daily a report about this upcoming World Cup...

Of course, we love the All Blacks! and everybody (our favorite captain included) want a final France vs. NZ...

Next time Melissa, don't ask people ; just ask us...

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