Wednesday, August 29, 2007

The All Blacks have left New Zealand...

They are flying over somewhere, maybe sleeping. I do hope they have changed their tux. for more comfortable clothes because it's gonna be harsh up there to remain 'class'...

Here are some videos from today's last meetings with the people/press.

(Izzy news) : the lady who got $5.000 on MoreFM this morning will use it for her wedding. I hope Richie is invited (he made her win!!!)

I hope the earth was double-checked by the foreign offices before leaving the home soil... We are not very demanding but the British can be very awful with import...they live on an island, remember? If the guys won't to offer the earth to France just after the final, not sure Bernard Laporte will appreciate, but there are other gardens available in France....

But now, the links ;)
*ABs feel weight of expectations (1.56)

*All Black prepare to leave for France (1.34)
*ONE News at ABs farwell (2.45)

*ONE News extra with Richie McCaw (1.22)
*TV3 Rugby: All Blacks rock out before World Cup

*TV3 Rugby: All Blacks farewelled for World Cup

*TV3 Rugby: All Blacks leave for the World Cup

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