Thursday, September 13, 2007

Before the match against Portugal.
Rugby: All Blacks prepare for Saturday
Thu, 13 Sep 2007 08:23p.m.

The All Blacks are on their way to Lyon for Saturday’s clash with Portugal.

While the match is a formality, it is still a big occasion for a couple of All Black stalwarts, the acid is really on the injury prone Conrad Smith, and stand in skipper Jerry Collins.

Portugal to All Blacks: Don't go easy
Thu, 13 Sep 2007 05:53p.m.

The Portuguese have rejected Graham Henry's kind offer to go a bit easy on them. The teams meet on Sunday morning, and the minnows are adamant they want the All Blacks to throw everything at them. There are just 4000 rugby players in Portugal, and all but three of them are amateur. The underdogs will be well supported at this weekend's test - there is a large Portuguese population in France, and they are expected to outnumber All Black fans.

"Dear diary,
Can you just tell my fans that my shoulder is getting better -since I can post my diary today.
Thanks for their support,
ps : Happy Birthday to Rose, my first American fan! Thank for everything!"
I'm sorry, when I saw that pic, I couldn't think about something else than this message... And what if he were actually writing his diary...
How to kill a myth in 2 seconds!

Howard-Smith catches up with Kiwi fans in between games
Thu, 13 Sep 2007 11:24p.m.

Thousands of Kiwis are in France for the World Cup experience, but what do they do when there are no games on?
Brooke Howard-Smith travelled to the Mediterranean with a group of New Zealanders and got more than he bargained for.
Today's fashion award goes to Jerry Collins for his nameless thing over the head during the kayaking race the other day.
The new captain has 2 RGs fashion awards for now -woaw!!!


maud said...

naaaaan il écrit les scores de leur jeu de cartes, n'est-ce pas Richie ?? mdrrr
quoi que, un journal de bord qd on voyage j'trouverai ca trop touchant !

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