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The girls' guide to the Rugby World Cup
21/09/2007 04:52 PM
Yahoo!Xtra / Anna Higgins / Kelly Bree

The Sexy Sports Stars panel has pored over hundreds and hundreds and hundreds of photos of rugby players in order to find you the 10 sexiest physical specimens at the 2007 Rugby World Cup.

It was difficult and sometimes arduous work, but bringing you this selection of eye candy was an opportunity we felt had to be done.

Bismarck de Plessis

The strapping six-foot-two and a half hooker is one man you wouldn't mind getting a good grip on as the scrum packs down.

The man with a name like a German battleship made his debut for South Africa earlier this year, and made an impact on the ladies of the Tri-Nations nations when he came on to replace captain John Smit.

Clement Poitrenaud

France's fullback is playing in his second World Cup and wears his nation's tight jersey with pride.

Twenty-five-year old Poitrenaud is light footed on the field and scrubs up well when he comes off, with the swarthy looks and French finesse which makes the ladies go wild.

Sacre bleu!

Dan Carter

The All Blacks first five would be a shoe in to make a rugby World XV, and a fierce competitor off the field for the title of 'hottest rugby player around'.

Homegrown in the small Canterbury town of Leeston, Carter boasts a swag of test match points, a deadly accurate boot, and the all round good looks which make the girls swoon and win the approval of Mums all round the country.

As fetching with the All Blacks jersey on as off, underwear company Jockey has used his ripped body to great effect in advertising campaigns, taking undies to the masses.

Frederic Michalak

The undisputed pretty boy of a pretty side, Frederic Michalak was a French hero of the 2003 World Cup and, at the still tender age of 24, has proven a heart throb for the French ladies and the fellas alike.

The David Beckham of rugby union has modelled for the likes of Nike and keeps his fan base on edge with an ever changing hairstyle.

This first five fills out the form-fitting French jersey excellently, and luckily for the interested among us has a very European attitude towards clothing - and the shedding thereof. More than once our Fred has posed in the buff, bar the odd rugby ball, and sports a sizeable tattoo on his right butt cheek. Further inspection may be needed by this writer, purely for artistic reasons of course.

Gonzalo Tiesi

Born and raised in Buenos Aires, the city where people grow up gorgeous, this side of Argentinian beef puts his swarthy good looks and strapping thighs to use in the centres for club team London Irish.

Juan Martin Hernandez

Argentina won't exactly be holding up the Webb Ellis triumphantly any time soon, but they get some serious pool points for having one of the hottest rugby players in history - Juan Martin Hernandez. This 25-year-old is one spunky utility back who is 90 kgs of ridiculously fit South American muscle.

Aside from the fact that we're a little worried he knows how hot he is, we love Hernandez. He's like the Dan Carter of Argentina, except his modeling involves very little clothing. We'll actually - none. Hernandez loves to get his kit off for model shoots and calendars and there's a mucho revealing video of the man on You Tube. Check it out - his sizzling good looks have to be seen to be believed.

Marco Bortolami

Where would any Top Ten list be without a smokin' Italian stallion? Well it wasn't hard to find one - the whole team's on the warmer side of the temperature scale. But for this purpose we're going with the cute situation that is the team's captain, Marco Bortolami. This gorgeous 27-year-old became the country's youngest ever rugby captain in 2002 and he wears the Italian jersey with pride.

Bortolami is tall (196cm) and stocky (111 kg) with classic Italian features and he's got some serious earning power with Ferrari already offering him a job as their mechanic when he finishes his rugby career. There's nothing hotter than a good looking man in a fast car. Check out Bortolami if Western Europeans do it for you - he's cute to boot!

Richie McCaw

Speaking of cute captains, we're pretty sure it's committing an act of treason to leave Richie McCaw off a list of hot rugby players - but luckily we also find the man completely stunning. And although we've never met the guy, we've gotta say he comes across as a really humble, gentle giant who has no idea how his lovely looks can take a girl's breath away.

McCaw is everything that is good about your classic Kiwi bloke. The 26-year-old was born in the small South Island town of Oamaru and while his looks speak for themselves, it's his personality which shines through. Richie is mature, level-headed and a born leader, which we find quite sexy. The only drawback is his modesty, which will probably ensure we never get to see McCaw in his birthday suit, Juan Hernandez style. Sniff.

Sean and Rory Lamont

When you're watching the ABs take on Scotland this weekend, don't be confused by the two fabulously gorgeous players who look seriously similar. They are the dashing duo of Sean and Rory Lamont, two blonde (in a bottle) Scottish rugby players who are almost too good to be true.

Spunky brothers Sean and Rory give fellow Goldilocks Jonny Wilkinson a run for his money when it comes to hot Brits. Sean is 26 years old and Rory is 24, but you could take them for twins. Sean is also a bit of a pin-up player, posing starkers for the famous French Dieux du Stade nudey calendar, which has apparently coined the term sporno, where sport meets porn. The mind boggles!

So if your idea of a Scottish man hails from stereotypes of freckly gingers with arms the size of broomsticks, check out the Lamont brothers. We're fairly certain this terrific twosome will make you think twice about the Scottish side.

Luke McAlister

And it's with great sadness that we discuss the next hot All Black on the list, Luke McAlister, who is leaving New Zealand shortly after the World Cup to up the hotness stakes at British club Sale (which already boasts the above hottie, Rory Lamont).

We're losing Luke, but he'll always be one of the hottest All Blacks to ever don the black jersey and we won't forget him. We first ogled the 24-year-old's enormous thighs before realising he's hot all over. McAlister has a mesmerising smile and super-fit body and he's - well - just the full, fantastic package really.

For lots of ladies who are less than interested in who nabs the Webb Ellis trophy, the World Cup may be the last chance to have a good perve at McAlister as an All Black. So make the most of it girls!

-> yep! I vote Richie (since I am a Richie Girl!) but the others are OK -saw Sean Lamont yesterday (and yep, he deserves his rank here too -and so does Juan Martin Hernandez... but there are way too many players that can be listed here!)
Richie Girls and other (female) readers, who would you have voted for????


Lissie said...

Richie wins that list hands down!!!

I know a couple of girls who likes that argentine guy ie. Yeels & Chill but they can have him to themselves.....

Ofcourse i would of voted for Bobby but i am glad he didnt make it onto the list cos i dont need any extra's perving on my man!!!!

Chill said...

i def would go for Juan Martin H, but i like Luka too - still there are others that coulda made this list and didn't!

MaryL said...

Gov. general, I like your diplo-speech here ; you didn't mention Pierre! Unlike our Pincess who did NOT forget about her Bobby! Kids...

April said...

No question about who I would vote for.

I have to disagree with the inclusion of Frederic Michalak, though -- his hair is terrible! :-P

Chill said...

i only left him out cos he is not at the world cup ... but yes he is def on top of the list! i chose from who was on the list given :)

Siska said...

i'm a through and through Richie Girl. he's got my vote. but i've always thought sean lamont is kinda hawt :) and i'm glad mary confirmed it :) the others are a worthy mention obviously. agree with chill on pierre. he's still young so let's hope we'll see him in 2011 in NZ.

teek said...

hi maryl,

i'm not much of rugby fan, in fact i don't understand the game (but learning). but a friend of mine who is currently in NZ posted pictures of All blacks in her blog and...:)

anyway, i like that pic of richie you've uploaded; not as rugged as always with a hint of smile.

John said...

Please check out my blog, as I've just finish an article on the upcoming Argentina/Ireland game

Your comments are appreciated


Cécile said...

ben c'est bizarre, les commentaires ne marchaient pas hier? j'avais répondu mais apparemment ça a pas été enregistré... bon c'est pas grave je recommence:

I'm gonna be patriotic and add a few French names to the list: I vote Thierry Dusautoir, Vincent Clerc and Jean-Baptiste Elissalde!

MaryL said...

dsl ma tite cécile -je n'étais pas là! mais je ne gère pas les commentaires de tte façon -tu sais, des fois, les ordi n'aiment pas qu'on poste des com'...

ahahah : dusautoir, clerc & JB, ça sent le ST tout ça! ou les gars du ST, ils st yummy!!!

Camelia said...

I vote Juan Martin Hernandez with no doubt!!

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