Tuesday, September 18, 2007

scottish updqte

1st sorry abt the spelling, i am not used to qwerty board -haven t found adaptors yet. will update my diary as soon as possible.

today s personal messages :

*beth sorry abt today, haven t had access to internet till now 10.20pm local time.
*beth,jo, alice : official shop on sunday -ok?

* Sian : the football match the other day : couldn t stay till the end. so don t know the official score. when i left it was 1/0 for nz - I m pretty sure andy scored or he had made the decisvive pass.

*to the one who sent the bed pics ( I think our local spy... Izzy, you are too good ; if it s sb else -sorry) : I have a spare pillow too... -sorry Richie, jet lag has a huge impact on my brain.

*tonight,s match was really different than the others...people are patriotic (that s true) but there is no real cheering in the stands. i hope it will be better on sunday...
Personnal statisfaction : Mister joubert is a hottie. & scotland 7 (yep, their "Richie") definitely looks like mister Bobby to me...no matter what Lissie & Yeels say.

While I,m away from the Internet world :

*thanks for keeping chatting in the chatterbox -I couldn,t read everything but I saw it was still alive. THANKS A LOT.

*would you mind telling us (me) about your world cup experience -either here as a comment or in an email to -that I will publish only God knows when.


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