Sunday, October 21, 2007

Back to last night's match

It may shock some of you, but since this world cup was THE aim of the 2007 season, I decided to publish some pics from last night's match (just the after-the-match pics) even if our 'chouchoux' weren't part of it. We of course wish our favorite captain the best of luck for tonight's IRB Award :)
The final was a pretty good match (I like the referee mister rolland so I have nothing to say against him -yet Flood who pushed Percy Montgomery into the camera should have been penalised...)
The monarchy is supposed to be neutral but the princes were definitely showing their colours!
(one remark : William is officially THE "black cat" of his national team... someone should prevent him from attending the matches -Harry, you know what you have to do now!!)

I liked the idea of a rainbow nation (who else would have raised their president holding the cup?), I also appreciated the all-generation nation (with rooky Francois and old man Os)

And even if last night's security services at the stadium seemed to have started their holiday earlier (see the guy by the scrum and the guy holding the cup), I hope you all had a great time during this World Cup -whether you watched it at home or visited France.
It was a real pleasure living & sharing this experience with you ;
see you in 4 years AT HOME!!!!

Now, what's going to happen?
The European championships will be on this winter (our time). The Southerners will enjoy their summer break. We have 3 months till the Super14 starts again but it doesn't mean that the blog will have its summer break : I'll still be here (with my computer problems, ok, but still there!!!) so keep chatting in the chatterbox, keep emailing pics, articles, anything, they'll be published ;)

End of the 2007 Rugby World Cup.


Adeline said...

I'm disgusted that South Africa win everuthing (the world cup, the IRB awards fot rhe best team, best player, best coach).... It's unfair!

Well, the final match was awful, no try, no real passion...I was boring!

The match between France and the Pumas was amazing, the best game to watch during the world cup!! I was happy for them!

Beth said...

See you all in New Zealand in 2011... It's gonna be a blast!!

Congrats to the Boks, and to all the teams who participated it was gruelling at points and gutting at others, but that's the joys of Sport.

Lily said...

Rugby withdrawal... *Sigh*