Thursday, October 04, 2007

France vs. NZ : the press does their job!

To start this post, I'd like to say that I am very happy not to be a journalist (I mean, for now!) coz both sides have become quite crazy about this upcoming match : the Jersey-war (you'd check the video on Campbell Live) but also the DGSE...

OK, it's not because this section of the French foreign services did destroy a boat (and kill a man) 22 years ago in Auckland's harbour that they have invaded all the hotels in which the ABs stayed for the last couple of weeks! And what if they had, they won't be on the pitch this weekend!!!
The press can be really boring sometimes...honestly!... You know me now, you know that I love articles and videos and everything, but when it becomes politics and not rugby, it's not funny any more...
Anyway, this weekend's match will have to be good -despite the ref (I don't like this ref' but... c'est la vie!) and to whoever plays in black, blue, green or yellow : GOOD LUCK!!!

PS: the sentence in yellow is definitely the sentence of the day! As for the big ball by the Eiffel Tower -we already loved you before that so... don't worry!

The All Blacks not wearing black
Thu, 04 Oct 2007 09:06p.m.

A tank is a tank, even if it is turned pink and called Henrietta.

But try telling that to the management of the French rugby team.

They think if they force the All Blacks to change jerseys, and stop calling them the All Blacks, but New Zealand instead, somehow they won't be the All Blacks anymore.

The French coach Bernard Laporte is encouraging the French players to forget about the All Black 'myth' and not to be intimidated.

Campbell Live investigates how the All Blacks feel about these unsubtle French mind games.

French team preview
Thu, 04 Oct 2007 10:40a.m.

Mike McRoberts and James Ryan look at the French team to take on the All Blacks, plus interviews with some of the ABs.

Giant NZ rugby ball blown up by Eiffel Tower
Added: Wed 03 Oct 2007

A giant rugby ball has been inflated nearby the Eiffel Tower in Paris.
TV3 talks to those who helped put it together.

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