Sunday, October 07, 2007

France vs. NZ : voila, c'est fini...

Won't comment on the match, since I was not really focused on the match tonight : I was really shocked -not by the score or the result but- by Serge Betsen... I thought he was know, dead!
Won't comment either on the ref (I didn't like you and won't change my mind!) or on the sin bin (not today buddy!)
But that's just sport : I told you, both team could perform their best and their worst on this match... Now, the French are definitely the favorites -and I don't think they play their best when they are in this position...but wait and see!
Rose, I know you didn't wanna see this kind of pics but it's a part of today's news. I promise I will upload very few pics of the All Blacks after the match, but I have to show what happened... coz it did happen!
Message to our favorite captain : whatever the 'real' press is gonna say, publish, write, you must know that we will always ALWAYS be here for you (and your mates) if you need any support!

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