Sunday, September 30, 2007

Toulouse : end of my World Cup

Sorry again : it's a personal message!
This weekend was my last World Cup match for this year! I met Camelia on Friday night and just before we left the Bodega where we watched Wilko winning (come'on Jonny!!! and Go monsieur Joubert :P... oups!), a big guy came in : it was a Roumanian player (he arrived at 11pm -just as we left- but was in the first 15 the following day!) and agreed to take a picture with my dad.
My Richie Girls special award goes to miss Helen (from Auckland) and mister Peter (from Queenstown) : they were really nice to me during this world cup and I do hope they won't be far from the Richie Girls during our 2011 NZ Tour!

A bientot ;)
*About the blog (my blog), I'll tell you when my diary is updated...don't worry!

*About the blog (Baby Richie), I'm so sorry about the delay. If I have missed a big news, please tell me. I'm also sorry about the pics -I'm sure you could all have access to some of them.

Thanks to all the RGs who have been really good assistants, chatting in the chatterbox and welcoming the newbies -Merci beaucoup!

One last word : yes, I am French, but I found it totally unfair to sing La Marseillaise and Allez les Bleus when the All Blacks were waving at the audience after the match on Saturday.

Next week, I will be watching the match and be at 1000% in favor of ... good rugby! I wanted this match as a final so that whoever wins, I'd happy ; now that it's "just" a quarter-final, it's not that I care less but I know that both teams are able to perform their best and their worst so : let's just praise rugby and the rugby gods will do the rest...
Catch you soon somewhere on the cyber-world, bisous to everyone,


Adeline said...

Ahlala, je suis dégoûtée qu'on joue contre les Blacks, car bien sûr je vais être pour les neo-zelandais, mais j'aurais aimé soutenir la France encore un peu plus longtemps!
Les Argentins ont bien mérité leur première place, rien à redire!
J'espère vraiment que les Blacks vont gagner à Cardiff, ils méritent tellement (et plus que nous) de remporter enfin ce trophée....En tout cas, pas de finir leur coupe dès les quarts....
Enfin, que le meilleur gagne, on risque de voir du beau rugby en tout cas!

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