Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Notes about the blog.

First : IMPORTANT : the article entitled "McCaw backup main worry for Crusaders (+bonus)", published on October 27th contains 65 comments that all link you to un-appropriate sites so careful if you check any of these links!
-> added later : this article has been cancelled and published again (see above)

Then : Lilly suggested (& many agreed) that we should have a "FAQ section". As most of you know, I'm not in charge of the configuration of the site. Yet, I can create a FAQ article and publish a link to it every now and then...

But to get a FAQ article, I need FAQs & there is your part of the job :
*you have more than a week (so that is till Thursday Nov. 14th -my time) to send me your FAQs & answers that will be copied and published altogether.

*sent your part of the job at

Thanks a lot for your help,
Article completed on November 16th :

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