Sunday, November 18, 2007

Southern news from the Local Spy!

Again, I literally copied what Izzy sent to some of us -just in case the others have heard about the meeting...
The transcript of the article (about the Haka Valley)will be published this week (I don't have time today but will have time this week!)
Bye for now...

"This article was in The Press yesterday. Okay it's not exactly about Richie, but it mentions him a little and about the Hakataramea Valley where he comes from."

There was mention in an article in the paper today - Sunday Star Times, about some sort of IRB conference on the 26 November in the UK (in Woking), and it mentioned the following were going to be there (along with rep's from other countries) - Chris Moller, Steve Tew, Jock Hobbs, Graham Mourie, Rob Nichol & Richie McCaw.
Has anyone else heard anything more about it? Sounds like they are going to be talking about law/rule reviews etc...."

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