Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Richie -back to business? Not completely!

Robbie leaving? What are the captain's thoughts?

Deans - the wait is almost over (2:00)
Robbie Deans insists his passion for the Wallabies is real. Will the most talked about deal in world rugby be signed and sealed tomorrow?

Awards : was not the captain's year this year....

Congratulations to Stephen Brett (a newby for some, a confirmation for others...)
I decided to post them on my blog & not here since Richie didn't get any award

Pics & links sent by Izzy (as always I should say!)

- Richie at a Corporate Event on Melbourne Cup Day, something to do with the NZRU or NZPA

- some pics from another corporate fishing trip event, again some link with NZPA (note the "I'm hidding my drink-pose" ... I'm so sorry! I couldn't not mention it!)

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