Friday, December 07, 2007

Rugby: McCaw could be moved to number six jersey
Richie McCaw’s days as openside flanker could be numbered.
Following the reappointment of Graham Henry, it has been hinted that McCaw could be moved to the blindside in order to lengthen his career and improve his ability to communicate with referees.
The other reason to move McCaw to the number six jersey is to increase his ability to play back-to-back games.
French openside Thierry Dusatoir made a remarkable 38 tackles in Cardiff, but was no where to be seen a week later in his team’s semi-final loss in Paris.
There was also good news today for Jerry Collins. Henry’s admission that the reconditioning and rotation did not work is exactly the message the flanker wanted to hear.

I honestly don't see a big difference between #7 or #6 --since sometimes, Richie McCaw plays #6. It's not like they were thinking about him as #10 or #15 -positions where I am quite sure he could play quite well !!!

Another point : that's great to :
a. see the reference to a French player in this report! (Thierry Dusautoir from Stade Toulousain -playing with Byron Kelleher now. Thierry has some common points with Richie, including their passion for flying.)

& b. understand that Richie is likely to keep the "second greatest job" i.e. captain.

And last --but not least :
congratulations to Graham Henry!
to Robbie Deans : We want you for the 13th Crusade!!!!!!!!!

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Nancy said...

I think this change is in response to Henry's critics. I don't know how much of a difference RM's move from 7 to 6 will be, but as many were considering the coaching re-appointment to be based on politics, this may just be some shuffling made to look like progress.