Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Last Request (1st published on Dec. 21st)

I have often asked you to participate in the building of the blog, and you have ALWAYS done it -so here is my last request...for 2007!

Here are the topics :

What are your thoughts on the 2007 rugby-season?
What are your thoughts on the 2008 rugby-season?

You have till January 10th to send me your "exam" at
Come on guys, it's the last exam of the year! I'm sure you'll all get your 2007 Baby-Richie Degree :

Thank you for your help anyway,

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Emie said...

Sorry girls, I can't no longer post on the chatterbox. I have no clue why.
Thanks for welcome me on board. That's good news for DC coz behind a shy-like and boyish-like look, he's pretty ambitious and really serious player. He might fufill well in leadership, esp after the RWC, coz he really really got it hard and probably want to built the 2011 win from NOW!