Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Random message.

Hey guys, my computer at home is going to join my laptop I guess and MSN won't let me answer my mails, so here is a random mail :

Les Francaises, le match de vendredi vs. Hurricanes sera diffusé sur Canal+ Sport vendredi apres le match Toulouse vs. Biarritz (c'est a dire vers 22h20)

All the RGs prayers go to Thierry Gilardi's family. The 49-year-old journalist (picture on the left) was the vice president of Stade Francais Paris ; known by most of the football/soccer French fans, he was also the voice of the 2007 Rugby World Cup on the French channel TF1.

Emie, there is no video link apart those in the "hurry up" article (lower on the page). And as for the pics Izzy sent, here is the link (thanks to Lissie)

Izzy also sent this link (and those pics) (PM for you : got your card yesterday. Still a pleasure!) Crusader MacDonald's nose out of joint

Wanna know more about your team? check that article (pretty cool!) :

S14: Where your team is at

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