Friday, March 28, 2008

Richie on a new crusade‏ (& new site)

Sent by Izzy with this comment (sorry but I liked it -especially the second part) :

"Article from a little local paper the Nor'west News. The pic is the one taken at Riccarton High School that Tess was talking about on the chatterbox, and was originally in the NZ Herald.
Oh those lucky school girls! I can just imagine how many blushed cheeks there were and how much giggling & teasing was going on while he was there, they're probably still talking about it. I'm sure there were also a few snaps being taken on mobile phones."

To what we can only answer by : "Wishing we were all attending Riccarton HS! Oh and by the way, who said we were too old ????"

As I was about to check the result of tonight's match (which I haven't yet! -I know, I shouldn't but I have to...), I visited the new version of the Crusaders website (still the same link though) and found it pretty cool :) Don't know when they changed it actually...

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