Monday, March 31, 2008

Update for the upcoming weeks

as you all figured out (i guess), my computer at home joined my laptop in computers' heaven -may they both rest in peace...

from what i know now, i'll be able to update until thursday april 3rd ONLY, for after it's uni spring break (and it lasts 2 weeks)
a new computer will be order as soon as possible (after the mourning of our first computer -6y! which may count as dog years...) and you'll see by yourself when i'm back

though i have these issues, i still have an internet access (though complicated) i.e. i can read my mails but can't publish pics.

i will try my best to update with links and everything (for this weekend, there is no problem as our men in black & red are off!)

sorry from Mary*L, also known as the official black cat for her computers :(

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