Thursday, May 15, 2008

If you were Queeny, you'd get tones of mails like this one

'Would love to have been at the farewell for Robbie tonight, in our Town Hall, but sadly with it still being a week night/work tomorrow couldn't interest anyone in going along to say a big "BYE" to Robbie (...) there's a link to a video clip from this page (a chat with Richie, Reuben & others).

Hope you enjoy the article & video links.


It was like a 'Welcome to my life' article, but just "like"coz I love my life & I love how my bees work :P so I keep them just for me!!!

Please do not forget to send me your favorite pics of Richie (for my part of "Baby Richie turns 2")

Or even if you took part in any RGs meeting, feel free to share your experiences (who you met? where? would you that again?) It may give ideas to those who are silent RGs and never post! --and that will be our next common article after my exams =)
ps : humour is the second quality to have when you read the blog ; the first being supporting Richie!

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