Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Slow Brain Queeny was her name!

About the interview on RadioSport, after the written version (cf. crfu link and article posted previously), here is the radio interview with Izzy's instructions :

"The Richie chat on Radio Sport
Saturday Midday-Midnight

Timeslot 12.00 -12.15pm
chat starts about 11minutes 20secs, & goes to the end of this timeslot

Timeslot 12.15 - 12.30pm
rest of chat starts at the begining of timeslot and goes for several minutes."

Personal request for next time : can't they just interview Richie for 15m and start at a sharp time? Just kidding -thanks guys! and thank you so much Izzy!!!!!

Izzy who by the way, forgot to remind us that her first post on the chatterbox was on May 3rd! Happy anniversary, Local Spy!!!

And you, do YOU remember the day you first posted?
Bad RGs -I don't either, but I am the Queen so it doesn't count :P

Anyway, back to serious, still You-Know-Who sent this to me :
(I quote) 'The pic of Richie is from a little local, community newspaper. Pic recently taken at Papanui High School. The Crusaders no doubt will have been 'involved" with the schools First XV, but funny (again) how it's the girls who seem to be taking such an interest, in Richie at least."
And to end up this random article, and to complete my answer to Fiona who wondered how could I run a blog so efficiently from France : Fiona, the only way to raise Baby Richie (ie the blog) is to have its aunties around the globe, working like e-bees (I once called myself the Bee-Queen, I liked it!) and any of them would be mad at me if I ever named Izzy (known as our "Local Spy" or even "You Know Who") the real Bee-Queen! Once again, Izzy, merci!
Tomorrow is Remembrance Day for WW2 in France so again, thank you to all those who served to save us from tyranny.
Enjoy the rest of the week,

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