Sunday, July 27, 2008

Izzy's mission : the Mastercard Roadshow‏ in Christchurch

Our emails from Tuesday 22nd till today [people on the pix, if you want your pic, just contact me!] Izzy in red, me in light purple

*All pics taken in Cathedral Square, at last week's Mastercard Roadshow

*The Roadshow truck. The boys were sitting inside the truck (which was open on the other side), doing their autograph signing.

* some of the "blow-up" fun areas for kids to try out their rugby skills

*this is a side on view of the truck. The boys are inside, underneath the big Mastercard sign.

what is he doing on the pix?

*Mary, in answer to your question he was sitting at the table they had set up in the truck, where the guys were signing autographs. Richie was at the very end, almost not quite enough room for him. They were letting about 5-6 people at a time up on to the truck (from one end), to get the guys autographs. They (the fans) moved along to get each autograph, and then they climbed down from the truck at the other end. Richie, like some of the other guys, from time to time wasn't signing anything so was either chatting away to Leon, fiddling with his pen etc...

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