Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Card makes fan's day

By BETHANY MARETT - The Timaru Herald

What could be better than receiving a card from the Queen on your 100th birthday? Getting one from the All Black captain on your 98th.

Marjorie Riddell could not have been more delighted when a signed card and poster from Richie McCaw arrived in the mail shortly after her birthday recently.

The avid rugby supporter, who lives in The Croft in Timaru, said it had been a complete surprise and certainly made her day.

"I just grinned," she said.

Originally from Southland, Mrs Riddell likes to think of herself as a "South Island supporter" during the Super 14 rugby competition, but admits to always being a Richie fan.

Tuned in to the Highlanders versus Crusaders game on Saturday night she said she was very disappointed to see him being carried off injured. But while he might not be on the field for the next few weeks Mrs Riddell will still be able to watch him in action as she subscribes to the Sky Television rugby channel.

Her daughter, Margaret Younger, said her mother had always been keen on rugby. She remembered her listening to the All Black tests against South Africa on the radio in the middle of the night.

While she said the postal gesture was in no way set up, the connection was made through a family friend who car pools to work with Mrs McCaw.**

'They were talking rugby and just happened to mention it. He [Richie] was quite tickled that a 98-year-old had the rugby channel."

As for it being more exciting than a note from the Queen, Mrs Younger said it had definitely a bigger talking point. A few envious visitors have been popping in to visit Mrs Riddell and to check out the poster and card which takes pride of place on the wall.

TACKLED PINK: Timaru woman Marjorie Riddell received a card and signed poster from Richie McCaw in the post recently congratulating her on her 98th birthday.

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**there are no further details but I think it's Richie's mother.

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