Tuesday, September 01, 2009

Canterbury prop share shield costudian duties


Contrary to Ranfurly Shield folklore, Canterbury custodian Andrew Olorenshaw does not have the famous Log o' Wood stowed under his bed.

Tradition dictates the reserve prop of the holders becomes the Shield's guardian, but the 24-year-old has revealed he only fulfils the role on a part-time basis.

"We got back to the airport yesterday and Gus (team manager Angus Gardiner) brought it back to Rugby Park," Olorenshaw said."I don't keep it hidden in my cupboard at home."

Despite being under supposed lock and key at Canterbury's training headquarters, there have been a few confirmed sightings of the Shield, including at a well-known Riccarton watering hole on Sunday.

Olorenshaw said he was not with the Shield on that excursion but was aware it was a hot item.
"Penz (coach Rob Penney) texted me and asked where it was and I said that Gus had it, and George (captain George Whitelock) also rang, so there were a couple of guys trying to get hold if it," he said. "If people take it out themselves, they can look after it."

His duties are reserved for more official settings.

"We took it back to the hotel (after beating Wellington on Saturday night) and we had our dinner and a bit of a team function and it was around then. A few of the guys went out later on, so we just left it back in the hotel room and didn't take it out because there was the potential for it getting lost. There's rumours and stories from the past about times where things have gone astray, so it seemed a better idea to leave it at home."

-> gettyimages : Richie & the shield (sunday at the airport)

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