Friday, March 26, 2010

Week 7. Preview.

In the news: Second-five Ryan Crotty turns a common women's dilemma on its head in asking: "Does my bum look too small in these shorts?" Crotty told The Press: "All those comments of the small midfielders were starting to get to me and Tim [Bateman], so we put in a bit of extra training in the off-season." Crotty can now strut his stuff on the field and feel comfortable in his jeans while socialising. And Ryan, no, your bum does not look too small.

Physio's table: None.

The good: Having Colin Slade as your backup first-five when Dan Carter needs a week off.

The bad: Having to play the Hurricanes after the bye round. Falling victim to Teamtalk's subtle Yoda-like mind games – "Lose to the Hurricanes you will." And yes, I did have the Star Wars box set growing up.

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