Tuesday, June 15, 2010


By MATT RILKOFF - Taranaki Daily News

All Black captain Richie McCaw kept them entertained in the lounge, utility back Richard Kahui helped make the tea and burly lock Brad Thorn tickled the ivories at a New Plymouth home this week.
Along with loose forward Victor Vito and a camera crew the lads paid a surprise visit to the Fitzroy home of Mike and Heidi Griffin and their two teenage sons on Tuesday.

"It's not every day you open the door and find Richie McCaw standing there," Mr Griffin said yesterday, now quite recovered from the experience.
"I had seen this bus over the road with all these guys dressed in black sitting in it. I thought, no it can't be the All Blacks. Ten minutes later there they were in my house."

During the visit the family chatted with the lads, posed for photographs and gathered around the piano while the 116kg Thorn played a reportedly emotional version of the Star Wars theme.

"He's huge. So tall and his shoulders are so wide and his hands are like dinner plates. It was just a whirl of excitement the whole time," Mrs Griffin said.

The pair did not know why their home was chosen by the four star players but they were not the only ones putting the jug on for the boys that day.
Several other homes were visited on the street for what is reportedly a new viral marketing campaign going live this afternoon on the All Blacks Facebook page.
A spokeswoman for the campaign would not provide further details but said there were likely to be a number of other home drop-ins this season.
If Mrs Griffin has her way one of those will be hers

"Well they were all so nice. And Richard Kahui came to help make the tea and he was really nice. Of course we've invited them back," she said.

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