Monday, June 07, 2010

Richie to ponder after Cup

Richie McCaw hopes to delay any decision about his post-2011 future until after the World Cup - and has revealed staying in New Zealand is a strong possibility.

The All Black skipper is contracted until the end of 2011 and says he doesn't want the outcome of next year's tournament to determine his fate.

He would rather wait until it's finished, see how he feels and then commit to either staying or heading overseas.

"I'll only be 30," says McCaw.
"It will come down again to whether I think I have more to offer, whether I think I can be better and whether I'm still enjoying it. Whatever happens at the World Cup, you don't want that to be the end. I am really enjoying playing here and at this stage I don't see why I would change anything."

Having played here since 2001, and having captained the All Blacks since 2006, there is widespread belief McCaw will be ready to move on after 2011.
But while the skipper will be in high demand from European clubs, he's one of the few New Zealand players who may be better off financially staying here.

In addition to his playing contract, estimated to be worth about $700,000 a year, he also earns significant sums from his role as an ambassador for Westpac, his international contract with adidas and his endorsement of Versatile Buildings.

By Gregor Paul

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