Monday, July 05, 2010

Prime Minister warns All Blacks captain
James Mortimer - (5/07/2010)

New Zealand Prime Minister John Key has joked that Richie McCaw could be tasered if the All Blacks fail to win the Rugby World Cup.

Key is in Seoul, and this morning addressed a group of business leaders during his visit to Korea, with the countries leader trying to secure a free trade agreement to help New Zealand’s economic growth.

Key said that the country was in good shape and on the sporting front was riding a wave of optimism following the All Whites unbeaten run at the FIFA World Cup.

The Prime Minister hoped that the All Blacks could emulate their round ball cousins and go unbeaten at their home Rugby World Cup next year.

"I've tried tell Richie McCaw that it's very important - it's election year," Mr Key said.

He has said previously that McCaw would be knighted if the All Blacks won the World Cup, but light heartedly threatened the captain if he couldn’t lift the William Webb Ellis trophy.

"Now I've encouraged him to get to know the Minister of Police (Judith Collins) cause I've decided if he doesn't win the rugby World Cup maybe we'll consider tasering him. We're an incentive based political party," Key said.

Setting lofty goals is the agenda for Key in his political visits, among those being try to reach the same wage rate as Australia in the future.

"To do that we have to grow at two per cent a year faster than Australia every year for the next 15 years,” Key said."That ain't fact Richie McCaw's job of winning the rugby world cup looks slightly easier than that."

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