Thursday, July 01, 2010

Richie McCaw gets in behind Red Socks Day‏

LUCKY RED: All Blacks captain Richie McCaw and Weymouth Intermediate students sport red socks as part of Sir Peter Blake Trust's Leadership Week.

It was a flashback to 1995 as All Black captain Richie McCaw donned red socks to speak about leadership to Auckland schoolchildren this morning.

McCaw told the kids at Weymouth Intermediate life could be lonely at the top, and highlighted the importance of leading by example.

"I've got to go out and play well on the rugby field, and if I do that that's the best way to get the rest of the team in behind."

Friday, July 2 is national Red Socks Day, where the country remembers the late Sir Peter Blake's leadership legacy by wearing his famously lucky item of clothing.

Red socks were sported throughout the country in 1995 to support New Zealand's successful America's Cup challenge, which was led by Sir Peter.

McCaw said he believes Sir Peter Blake's legacy was his concern for issues like protection of the environment, not just his success in the sporting arena.

"He was a pretty special New Zealander who wasn't just in yachting, he was in all sorts of things that I think everyone's proud of and inspired by, and that's certainly what's got me inspired."

McCaw told the kids that jealousy and tall poppy syndrome could be a problem for leaders.

"It's always easier to voice negative things, but people aren't very good at voicing the positive and saying well done. I always say to people, 'silence is usually a good thumbs up'. If you're doing a job and nobody says anything, it's usually that you're doing a pretty good job."

He named former All Black captain Todd Blackadder as one of the leaders who he looked up to when he was first starting out in professional rugby.

"Everything he said he was going to do he did. As a new guy in the team that inspired me to be the same."

The event was organised by the Sir Peter Blake Trust and their sponsor Westpac to celebrate Leadership Week.


All Blacks captain Ritchie McCaw spoke to intermediate students in South Auckland this morning as part of leadership week

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