Sunday, November 07, 2010

Execution is key for All Blcks -McCaw

Richie McCaw says execution, not attitude will be the key to a better performance against Scotland next week.

The All Blacks made uncharacteristic handling errors throughout their 26-16 win over England at Twickenham today, just as they had during their loss to the Wallabies in Hong Kong.

And though thrilled to beat a good England side, McCaw admitted there was a degree of frustration in the visitor's dressing room.

"I think the frustration of the guys sitting in the changing rooms was that at vital times we gave the ball back to the opposition too easily and probably tried to do too much at times.
"They're the things that are frustrating. Sometimes it's because you have been getting reward for those passes when you can see space, but sometimes it might not be quite on.
"It might be a bit of a fifty-fifty and those are the things that, if we are going to improve, we have to get right."

The All Blacks looked set to rack up a cricket score after starting strongly against England and leading 14-0 after 20 minutes, before errors crept into their game.

"The attitude we want to play with is spot on. When the space is there you want to use it. There are times in the game where that's the right thing to do, and times where perhaps a slightly more conservative option might be better.
"Perhaps you could score a try, but holding the ball for one more phase will guarantee a try... you don't want to stifle the guys... but the risk and reward I guess is what we have to get under control."Sometimes you are your own worst enemy."

But McCaw also praised his side's character and said the defensive effort was top drawer.

"It comes down to a couple of opportunities in a game and we won because we took a couple of those in the first half and it got tight because we didn't take a couple in the second half.
"I guess England would be a bit disappointed. Had they scored that try it could have been a bit different in the end, but that's the nature of the beast, you have to nail your chances."

Assistant coach Steve Hansen believed the side were not far off their game despite the error rate.

"We haven't been together for a while and we're rusty and what I'm talking about is our timing.
"You only have to be half a yard out with your run and something that looks like it could be magnificent is actually pushing crap. That's about where we are with our game at the moment. We are half a stride off scoring five or six tries rather than two or three."

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