Thursday, May 19, 2011

McCaw makes his intentions clear
Thursday May 19, 2011
Source: ONE Sport

With one ace wrapped up, the other main card in New Zealand rugby, Richie McCaw, is expected to announce within the next week that he will stay put after the World Cup.
This comes after his good mate and All Black superstar, Daniel Carter, committed to New Zealand Rugby for the next four years yesterday.

There was little doubt that McCaw, capped a record 94 times for the All Blacks, would follow suit and he confirmed at Crusaders training today that he was close to sorting out a contract now his Super Rugby side is back in New Zealand.

"I haven't signed yet because I haven't said anything yet but hopefully in the next week or so get things sorted. Still working through a couple of things but, (we're) getting pretty close which is good," McCaw told ONE News.
"I've actually been away for the last three weeks so haven't been able to go through that but this week will try and get this sorted and hopefully in the next week or so get it all under control."

McCaw, 30, has always maintained that he enjoys playing in New Zealand and is more interested in building an All Black legacy than chasing the riches of playing in Europe - and he reaffirmed that stance today.

"I've made no secret that the reason I want to stay and look to stay is if I'm enjoying it," the 30-year-old said
"I've never made any bones about that so I haven't played much this year and I'm pretty keen to get out on the field, play and that's a good sign.
"If you weren't enjoying playing then you'd start questioning it but I've certainly got the hunger this year to be out on the field& and I guess you take that into consideration."

However, like Carter, he may get the best of both worlds by having a clause in his contract that says he can exercise a sabbatical if he wishes.

"All those sort of things have been in the pipeline, that's why it's taken a while but obviously, having similar agents, you understand Dan and where everyone's at and stuff so yeah they're the sort of details we're sorting through," he said.

While McCaw doesn't have the huge sponsorship deals Carter enjoys through Adidas and Jockey underwear, he could still expect to earn well over seven figures a year through his contract with New Zealand Rugby and a sabbatical in Europe. However he said that money wasn't the driving behind force his decision.

"If it's just what goes into your bank account, I think no matter what job you did it, if that was the case it doesn't last that long. I think the All Black jersey, as Dan said it yesterday, is a big carrot."
"That just shows to have guys who have to be in New Zealand to play that's still a pretty cool thing to have because it means a hell out a lot to the guys that play here."

And while Carter and McCaw remain good mates, the All Black captain said they don't discuss each others contracts.

"It's bloody good that he has re-signed for New Zealand rugby and the Crusaders. Certainly as a fella that plays in his team it's great to have a guy like that for an extended period.
"I think you've got to make your own decisions. We mentioned things but you haven't gone into depth because you've got to make your own decision based on your own circumstances.
"I'm just thankful just like everyone else is that he's decided to commit for a while."

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