Thursday, December 15, 2011

Comments "taken out of context" says McCaw

World Cup winning All Blacks captain Richie McCaw is disappointed that a comment made at a recent business function in Christchurch was taken out of context.

McCaw led the All Blacks to an 8-7 win over France in the Rugby World Cup final on October 23, and the following day there were reports that the host's captain had been eye gouged by French centre Aurelien Rougerie.

However the New Zealand Rugby Union and McCaw, if they did in fact feel that the gouge deliberately took place, made a point not to follow up with the International Rugby Board regarding investigation.

McCaw was clearly in distress at the time of the final, making a brief remark about it in the interviews post-match.

“(I might have been) poked in the eye or something,” McCaw said.

“I don't know if it was intentional".

In the following weeks McCaw spoke at a Christchurch function, and it was reported by Fairfax Media that he thought the French were “filthy” and “running scared” during the final.

"My eye was a bit sore for a while and I was struggling to see for a bit,” he said.

“I was surprised they didn't cite him."

McCaw, who has consistently spoken with respect as to the challenge that France presents to the All Blacks, told Radio Monte Carlo his comments were blown out of proportion.

"They were taken out of context,” he said.

“I was at a dinner and was talking with someone and I simply said I was surprised that Rougerie had not been cited by the disciplinary officer," McCaw said.

"I was really irritated by the way my words were reported."

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