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McCaw promises Super return after op DAVID LONG 02/12/2011

Richie McCaw says he does not expect to miss too much of next year's Super Rugby campaign because of his foot problem.
The All Blacks captain had surgery in Christchurch last week to remove the screw in his right foot that caused him so many problems during the World Cup.
Speaking to the media for the first time since the operation, McCaw said he hoped he would not miss too much of the Crusaders' campaign, but insists he will not take risks with his comeback.

"It won't be until after Christmas that I start to get going again. I'm going to really make sure it has time to heal," McCaw said last night.
"I haven't really put a time line in place, but I want to make sure I get a good amount of time to getting fit and ready to go.
"I've talked to Todd [Blackadder, Crusaders coach] briefly about it and he just said `make sure you take your time and don't rush back'.
"But I'm picking that I won't miss too many games at the start of the season.
"I won't be there for the first game of Super Rugby but it won't be too far into it." McCaw said it was already getting on his nerves having to use crutches to get around.
"I'm bloody frustrated already with the crutches," he said.
"It's going to come right but it's going to take time. It is a bit easier sitting here having played the games I wanted to this year and having this, rather than the other way round."

McCaw had a foot operation last summer to insert the problematic screw into his foot, but he is confident there should not be any more problems.

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Anonymous said...

Richie McCaw is a shit... he doesn't know rugby rules, he is the captain of the worst NZ rugby team !

He's The cheater wolrd champion for sure !

Anonymous said...

Quand on bat une pauvre équipe de france 8-7 grâce à l'arbitre, on ferme sa gueule.

Et ne parlons pas de ce match contre l'argentine,où tout à coup, ce très mauvais arbitre qu'est Nigel OWENS a tout sifflé contre l'argentine.

Et il ne faut pas s'étonner que ce soit Dusautoir qui soit best player. L'IRB sait que cette finale a été galvaudée par l'arbitre.

J'aime depuis toujours les blacks mais il y a des limites et ce McCaw ferait mieux de se taire.

Anonymous said...

Good evening, I am French and trés dissatisfied on behalf of a player who would have of the écopper of a yellow card to have played four times the ball(bullet) the ground, as a cheater. Thus, you who you consider invinsible. It will not know any more the case.

Gozours said...
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Traveler international said...

Bien sur j'accepte la critique, regarde ci-dessus, a partir du moment ou elle a un sens... Mais je n'ai nul besoin d'insulte d'ado prepubere! Si tu as des remarques a faire, soit, tu es libre de le faire, mais sert toi de ce qui te sert de cervelle pour appuyer tes propos plutôt que de nous polluer de tes niaiseries.
Sans rancune.

Of course I've removed it. Do we really need those stupid comment which are build on nothing and for nothing! "pov Tache"... is that what you've wrote? What does it mean in english... well I would say "dickhead" or "stupid asshole".. and? is it an interesting one? Look - I can read other comments from poeple who disagree with me and I accept that, I haven't removed their comments because they are writing interesting things. not just swearing at us or at Richie McCaw.. Use your brain before writing such stupid comment!

Anonymous said...

Listen Here you bunch of sore losers, get over it,the All Blacks are the best rugby team in the world. How dare you insult Richie and I'm Australian. Take a look at the French team, well there's nothing to look at. As for the All Blacks, that's all a girl needs.

Traveler international said...

Thank you anonymous Australian mate! That's a good comment!
At least a positive one!
Thanks a lot!

Blog's owner!