Friday, December 09, 2011

McCaw wants best man for job as ABs coach

Richie McCaw believes it's right the New Zealand Rugby Union haven't handed the All Blacks head coaching job to Steve Hansen on a silver plate.

An announcement on who will be the next All Blacks coach is expected to be made around the middle of this month and although Hansen is the favourite to replace Graham Henry, the All Blacks captain feels the NZRU management are right not to give the job to Hansen straight away, as they need to make sure he's the best person for it.

"People say it's a done deal, but I don't think it is because you need to see the best out there," McCaw said.
"If Steve's the best that's great, but you need to figure that out.
"To keep the All Blacks as being the best in the world, they've got to have the best men available. Whoever that is, is up to the guys making that decision to find out.
"If it is Steve, then that's great because he has been a part of a successful team, he knows what works and I'm sure he'd add to that with some slightly different ideas, but would also keep some of the good things that have worked too."

If Hansen does get the job then he'll work closely with McCaw, as Henry did.
However, the captain says he doesn't believe his relationship with Hansen will change.

"Probably not. I always get on pretty good with him," he said.
"The thing about Steve is that you can have some pretty good discussions about the game.
"We think quite alike on things. Probably not the same on some things, but he'd do a good job, there's no doubt about that.
"He's been through the lessons that Graham and myself have been through, but I think for the All Blacks they need to get the best man available and that's why they're going through the process."
Although not all of the candidates are known, it appears that Hansen's biggest rival would be Vern Cotter, who was Robbie Deans' assistant at the Crusaders in 2005 and 2006.
McCaw believes Cotter – currently with French club Clermont – would also be good for the job.
"He was assistant for a couple of years and we won the thing twice so I have pretty good memories of that team," he said.
"He has done well over in Clermont too and has a pretty good record.
"It will be interesting. He is a good man."

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