Saturday, July 21, 2007

the pictures are back!!! (but they aren't in the right order -not everything is fixed yet!)

Two big cups for one big guy...
I'm convinced he'd exchange these two silver things for one mini golden cup -wouldn't you, Richie???

"Rock and roll, Richie!"
But be careful, in Italy this hand-sign means "stupid, morron,"

Who wants to be NZ next Prime Minister?
And do you allow foreigners at this position?
Mrs. Clark -so many girls/women want to be YOU right now!

"Together we are one"
and that's how they won... and they will win!!!

Two Captains on the field -but only one got the two cups
(yes, you are reading the right blog, don't worry! sorry for Mortlock's fans...)

George and Carl, enjoy your new (European) club and way of life
We'll miss you guys ;)

As for Mattie and Dan, they will still play the Super 14 next year
Generation 1982 : which one will get the William Webb Ellis trophy?

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