Saturday, July 21, 2007

the pictures are back!!! (but they aren't in the right order -not everything is fixed yet!)

It was not easy for the Aussies...

Super Carl was the Haka leader ; and for their last home match before the World Cup, the Captain had chosen the Kapa O Pango (with the new "nicer" end)

It was also the last home haka for Byron, Aaron and Anton -after the anthem, Byron had some tears (and that was quite cute...I haven't found a picture of it -so if you wanna help me on this "investigation", you are so welcome!)


Mini message to Canterbury (not the NZ area but the sport slothing company) :
"Your new Wallabies jersey is not very cute but if it can not resist a "mini" fight between the 5 Gold and the 5 Black, it won't be good publicity to Canterbury items... "

NB : Adidas jerseys are stronger :P

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