Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Extra news from NZ (Videos)

Rugby: McAlister denies he's signed with Sale
Wed, 11 Jul 2007 06:29p.m.

Luke McAlister is back in his favoured position - but he is unlikely to be in the All Black number 12 jersey for long. The 23-year-old is denying reports from the UK he has signed with English club Sale but a decision on his playing future is expected before the end of the month

-> I know, it's Richie's blog here -but don't worry, Richie is interviewed in the video!

I wanted to comment on the article about Luke and Sale : apparently, the manager of Sale (the French Philippe Saint Andre) doesn't know about Luke not playing in Sale next year because he (Philippe) talks about Luke as if he (Luke) had already signed there (in Sale)... What a story!!!

As for Richie, we all know : he's gonna stay in NZ -so no more speculation about him (thank you very much!)

it's good to see Greg Sommerville back with the boys ;)
PM announces giant rugby ball for Paris
Wed, 11 Jul 2007 11:23a.m.

A giant rugby ball able to hold 220 guests will be built in front of the Eiffel Tower in Paris in time to pitch New Zealand during the Rugby World Cup. The Prime Minister made the announcement at Parliament this morning, saying the 12-metre by 25-metre structure will be stunning. She says the ball will be open to the public during the day and New Zealand functions will be held in the evenings. It will be there for the final two weeks of the competition.

The creative designer behind the rugby ball says it posed some difficult design challenges. Mike Mizrahi says it is pressured from the inside, just like a real rugby ball.

--> thanks a lot Mrs. Clark! (we love you too!!!)
But isn't it quite weird? we haven't heard about it over there... Will it send more French tourists to Aotearoa? Don't think so.
Did you know that about a year ago, people still didn't know that that was France the host country of the 2007 World Cup?
What a country !!!!


Beth said...

Umm... A large rugby ball? Although I'm sure it will be quite spectacular to look at, as a player or official of New Zealand I don't know if I'd like to go to a party in an extremely largy rugby ball... That's just me though! LoL

MaryL said...

Me neither, Beth!
And we still don't know about it here!!!

About Luke, they published in l'Equipe that Luke had signed with Sale (whereas I published on the blog that he hasn't) ; can someone tell me that I can read English properly and that he hasn't?
Thank you!