Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Here is our date ;)

(thanks again to Izzy for the news -and for the pic she sent me)
Here is the mail she sent to some of us :

"For some good news the guys on More FM, that's Si & Gary (the DJ's) here in Christchurch are going to be talking to Richie on Friday morning (that's Friday morning NZ time). It will probably be about 7.35 - 7.40am (NZ time), which is when they normally talk to guests, so if anyone feels like tuning in, depending on your time difference, the link is below.
If there is anymore updates on this I'll try and let you know."

So 7am on Friday NZ Time means 5am in Sydney on Friday, 9pm French and S-Af time on Thursday, 8pm in the UK on Thursday, and something like 3pm on Thursday for East Coast in America ... I'm trying my best, but please check that jet lag issue by yourself (that'd be safer!!!)

I'll try to listen to the show (God knows I am a "MoreFM" addict!) but I can't promise it.
If anyone is online at that time and catches anything, email me or post your comment in the comments of tha article.

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