Saturday, July 28, 2007

Google Battles on Rugby

Hey everyone,

One of our readers -Sian- sent me a mail this week. She thought that'd be good if I had a look on these statistics. And since I liked the idea, I wanted to share her work with you.

I'm not a computer expert so if you want to know how it works, I'll ask her...

- - - - - - - - - -
1. Search of 'All Blacks' and 'Springboks' and 'Wallabies'
This search includes those who were looking really wallabies and springboks -we (rugby fans) are so sorry for you!

So in the Tri Nations Google Battle, the All Blacks get the same result as when they are on the rugby field : they win! I have done my own survey and asked some people in my entourage :
*they all know the All Blacks
*some of them don't even know which country the All Blacks represent -that's an evidence that the ABs are more than a rugby team, they are a living legend.

1. Donc dans la bataille du Rugby Hemisphere Sud, ce sont les All Blacks qui remportent la victoire -comme sur le terrain, en fait! J'ai fait ma propre petite enquete dans mon entourage :
*tout le monde connait les All Blacks (je suis rassuree)
*mais quand on pose la question fatidique ("Et c'est quel pays?"), ils ont plus de mal... Preuve que les All Blacks ne sont pas qu'une equipe de rugby, mais surtout une legende.

- - - - - - - - - -

2. Search of 'All Blacks' on
At its highest rate during the November Tour 2006 and 2004 -nothing at the end of 2005 (the ABs were touring the British Isles)

2. Maree noire (terme de l'auteure de la Google Battle!) fin 2006, suivie de loin par la tournee fin 2004. Rien a signaler fin 2005 (les ABs etaient en tournee chez les Lions)

- - - - - - - - - - -
3. Search of 'Dan Carter' and 'Jonny Wilkinson' and 'Richie McCaw'
You can remark the 'fall' of Wilko and the 'rise' of DC ; Richie's not being google-ed is due to your faithfulness (?is it English?) to the blog, which you have markes in your favorites and so you don't google him/it any more (I like this remark by Sian so I wanted to share it... I tend to like nice remarks...)

3. On remarque ici l'engouement decroissant pour notre ami anglais et la tendance inverse pour le 10 NZ ; entre ces deux demi d'ouvertures, notre Richie prefere fait son pti bonhomme de chemin mais votre fidelite a ce blog lui a fait perdre de l'interet chez Google.
(Sian explique que c'est parce que vous avez tous mis le blog dans vos Favoris -alors MERCI! Si vous avez la meme analyse, n'hesitez pas, j'aime bien les compliments...oups!)

Check the Football vs. Rugby battles here -it's pretty scary!


Beth said...

I have to admit I google Richie everyday, so I can find out any news... *blush*

MaryL said...

Good girl!
Oh Canada! What will we do without you???

Chill said...

I actually google rich everyday too, but i think maybe why his google stats aren't as high as DC's are perhaps people who are fans of rich tend to know which sites to go to so they don't google him. and not offensively, but DC seems to have a wider fan base than rich cos of his commercial exploits so those who like DC may not know much abt him as a rugby player and therefore are more likely to google him. does that make sense - in my head it does!!!
and as to the all blacks being googled more than any other team, i guess they seem to have a wider appeal than other international teams - that's how i got interested in the first place i suppose - i loved the ABs culture and the way they playes the game and plus they seem to be a genuinely nice bunch of guys :)
ok thats it from me!

MaryL said...

yep, and Carter is quite a common name (see the tri-athlete called Dan Carter and the basketball player called Carter too -not Dan)

I actually agree with Sian : I have many sites in my Favorites and, when I google (anyone), it's more for a recent news that I haven't read anywhere...

As for the ABs, it's beyond rugby! I can't find the words actually (even in French : it's so sweet to hear a kid saying 'go the All Blacks' and then, asking you 'why don't they speak French?' coz this lovely child believe that the ABs were the French team --do I have to mention that I'm the nanny of this child? oups...-