Friday, July 27, 2007

Are you sure ???
Rugby: Aussie boss wants ABs to tour in 2008
Fri, 27 Jul 2007 06:50p.m.

Australian Rugby CEO John O'Neil wants the All Blacks to tour Australia next year for the first time since 1992.
France are scheduled to tour Australia in 2008 but O'Neil says he will cancel the trip if the French don't send their top team.

But New Zealand rugby CEO Chris Moller was as surprised as any one to hear of O'Neils plan. O'Neil does not want a repeat of what happened when the Springboks sent a B team to Sydney.

Only 55,000 showed up at Telstra Stadium costing the ARU over $2 million in gate revenue.

O'Neil told the Sydney Morning Herald it is – ‘’a genuine possibility the ARU would tell the French not to bother coming next year if they couldn't field their strongest team… I'd prefer to look at other options"

The Australian rugby CEO’s preferred option is a six or seven game tour by the All Blacks. Despite Moller's indifference 3 News understands Deputy CEO Steve Tew will meet with John O'Neil on Thursday to discuss the proposal.

OK, again, not a clever idea -which has not been confirmed yet by any team (France, Australia, or NZ).

Honestly if you want to put people away from rugby, that's the better means to achieve it!

NZ and Australian players meet all the time (in the Super 14 and in the Tri Nations), people are pretty sad to see the same players meeting all the time (I wanted to say "fed up" but it's too strong!)

When will the Southern rugby fans be told that if France couldn't last June (and won't be able to next June) send their best players to play the June Tour, it's because at the same time Up Here, they play the semi finals and the finale of the Top14 (French National Championship) ?

The real problem is not the FFR (the French rugby federation), but the IRB who doesn't help the North and the South to have a common rugby season (same number of matches, no national match during the Tours,...)

If this news happens to be 'not a rumor', that will sadden me and (I hope) many rugby fans everywhere in the world.

-> the question is now :
what's the players opinion about it?

~Richie won't care, whoever the opponent, he always gets the cup!
Franchement, y'en a marre! et c'est toujours aux memes qu'on s'en prend!
=> L'Australie veut que les All Blacks fassent une tournée en Australie en juin 2008 si la France ne leur promet pas de leur envoyer leurs meilleurs joueurs.
Mais apparemment, la nouvelle n'a pas traversé la mer de Tasman donc il ne faut pas s'inquiéter, c'esy juste un coup de pub. Et s'il venait a se produire vraiment, ce serait loin d'aider le Rugby a XV dans cette region du monde ou les joueurs d'affrontent deja les trois-quarts de l'annee...
D'ailleurs, qu'en pensent les joueurs?
Les All Blacks s'en moquent : de toutes facons, a la fin, c'est toujours eux qui remportent les coupes...

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